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Cheri Rusch Bryan
The Instructors Were Awesome!  

I just passed my CNA State Exam after taking the course from IHG. The Instructors were awesome! Loved them all!! They will give you all the help they can and more if you ask!

Carime Arboleya
They Have Great Teachers!  

Everyday  was a challenge for me. They have great teachers ♡ I passed the state exam ... and the next day the school got me a job !

IHG Student
Wonderful Teacher  

Wonderful teacher went above and beyond to help her students any way possible. Very patient and understanding with students. Treated us like her own! I would recommend taking the course with her.

Patricia W
Forever Thankful!  

I am forever thankful whenever it comes to IHG. IHG has given me a second chance for my entrance of career choice. The staff is so helpful, caring and amazing. Becoming a CNA at IHG has been an exciting, knowledgeable, hands-on experience - being blessed with this opportunity has opened many doors for me within my career. So thank you IHG for all your help and support with my career because you have truly changed my life.

Author *Mayra V. Edit
I am Sincerely Honored  

Testimonial *Dear International Health Group,

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of this scholarship. Thank you for your generosity which has allowed me to take the CNA training.

Receiving this scholarship will positively impact the future of my family as well as mine. Thank you for allowing me to further my education.

Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous gift.

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