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Director of Staff Development

Director of Staff Development

2 Day RNA Program

Our DSD course is designed for people interested in meeting the criteria for the Director of Staff Development position. This course is specifically designed to prepare licensed nurses for duties in a skilled nursing facility or as an instructor in a precertification program for certified nursing assistants.

Students attending the DSD class will receive training in planning, implementing, and evaluating nurse education programs. Specifically, students will learn how to develop and maintain training records, draft course outlines and lesson plans. Students will also develop long range and short range training plans, and learn how to conduct training.

DSD Qualifications: To qualify as a DSD, the candidate must be an RN or LVN and satisfy one of the following:

  • Option 1: Have one-year experience as a licensed nurse providing direct patient care in a long-term care facility. In addition, one-year of experience planning, implementing, and evaluating education programs in nursing (for a total of two years).
  • Option 2: Have a two year full time experience as a licensed nurse, at least one of which must be in the provision of direct patient care in a nursing facility.

Within six (6) months of employment and prior to teaching a certification program, DSD candidates must obtain a minimum of 24-hours of continuing education in the following: courses in planning, implementing and evaluating education programs.

The main duties of a restorative nursing assistant is to take an active role in helping older adults maintain their highest level of function and preventing excess disability. This course is designed to help caregivers at all levels to understand the basic philosophy of restorative care.

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